Event Projection Mapping

Event Projection Mapping

Event Projection Mapping

Planning an event anytime soon? Wanting to make it come alive in every sense of the word?

Well, then, you’re looking for cutting-edge video projections.

If event projections are done right, they go way beyond engaging audiences. Instead, if these projections are designed and delivered well, they make an ordinary event extraordinary.

In the most basic words, projection mapping is a new piece of technology that’s used for projecting objects on a 3D surface instead of a flat one. These projected objects don’t exist in reality, but they’re virtually crafted to enhance the overall experience.

So, this technology, if used properly, can make any event immersive and memorable.

Now that you know what projection mapping is, are you thinking of putting its immersive power to use in your next event?

Well, then, that’s where we, at Untitled Project, come in. We’ve got the experience and expertise to design and deliver the best and most immersive event projection.

Create an environment where no traditional creative has gone before

Be it theme parks or brand activations or even simple gala dinner ideas, event organisers in Singapore are using this new piece of immersive tech. That’s how these event planners are transforming landscapes into rich 3D environments. And, ultimately, these richly crafted environments drive audience engagement to the next level.

As a trusted event company in Singapore, we make sure that you unlock the full potential of 3D video mapping. How? Well, we’ve got the experience and passion needed for making any event interactive enough to wow audiences. And we put that experience and that passion to work.

Untitled Project—where creativity meets immersive technology

At Untitled Project, we’ll stick closely with your budget and brief. By doing that, we’ve already tailored our event projection services and delivered a unique range of impressive, immersive visuals and audio.
So whether you’ve got a product launch or corporate events, we know how to design an environment that pulls audiences and compels them to take actions.

So, take your first step in creating an interactive event by connecting with one of our sales experts. These experts along with you will make you understand and plan how creativity will meet event projection technology in your next event.

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Projection mapping
Projection Mapping


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