Augmented reality

Even More AR-Powered Shopping Experiences

The global pandemic accelerated everything virtually and forced a lot of industries to move towards the future, including retail. Embracing new technologies is key for businesses to be able to stay competitive and operate in the ‘new normal’ – a trend that is expected to continue even after the pandemic is over.

Augmented reality (AR) apps have been on the rise providing consumers the opportunity to try the products before they buy. From furniture to luxury fashion, AR has become an essential technology for retailers. 51% of consumers say that they are more likely to shop online if the store provides such technology to assess products.

Retailers are using augmented reality technology to help enhance the digital shopping experience through virtual storefronts.

Augmented reality shopping apps

Here are some augmented reality apps and examples that provide an engaging and convenient experience for consumers to try before they buy a wide range of products.

AR Filters

With the help of an AR filter, you can give a unique brand-specific experience to your customers – and at a very low production cost. You can create a fun novel filter for your brand and achieve high organic reach and brand visibility.

These filters not only stay on your company page – social media users will share them, use them in their stories, and stay in the users’ catalog of saved filters thus giving your brand sustained visibility.

AR Wayfinding

Augmented realityThis is a digital guide that helps people to navigate through complex indoor spaces such as college campuses, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and airports. It superimposes digital information in real-time onto a real-world setting.

The content can be updated in real-time which is very beneficial for indoor spaces because directions can be updated in an instant. This is very beneficial if, for example, a shopping center changes the location of particular stores.

Virtual try-on experiences

Virtual try-on experiences are a great way for retailers to boost their sales – by providing the consumers with the option to preview the products on their own bodies in the comfort of their home.

According to Shopify, interactions with products having AR content have a 94% higher conversion rate compared to the ones without AR.

Untitled Project is a pioneer in this niche with the Augmented reality platform – Lightmap. It allows for outdoor and indoor wayfinding in retail as well as the ability to try on products at home.

The main features of Lightmap include:
Indoor A–B Wayfinding: Navigate from point A to point B quickly and efficiently
Find My Family: Locate family members in retail environments
Covid Safety: Avoid high-traffic areas
Near Me Now: Find offers related to users’ interests
Voice Search: Search for products using voice commands
Send Lightmap: Allows for the creation of custom lightmaps – best for crowded places and new environments

Untitled Project is one of the leading AR filter companies in Singapore and is paving the future for this kind of technology.