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13 Nov 2018
Artificial Intelligence Retail - Untitled Project

Find Out How AI Is All Set To Reimagine the Future of Retail Design

AI or artificial intelligence is big—and it’s definitely reimaging retail for the better. In recent research done by a trusted market research and consulting firm of the world, AI technology’s penetration in retail will be close to USD 8 billion by 2024. What’s more? The AI in the retail landscape is basically driven by increased investments worldwide. The growing interest of putting AI inside retail is because of wide applications of predictive analytics, deep analytics, and machine learning. All in […]

01 Aug 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Retail - Untitled Project

How Artificial Intelligence is Resetting the Retail Space for the Future

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is rebuilding the world of retail. Right now, AI is applied in whole new ways across service and product lifecycles. Its journey begins from assembly and goes up till after-sale customer service interactions. That means this tech is all-encompassing. But to unlock the raw power of AI in the retail space, a retailer like you has to answer a couple of questions first. What every retailer who’s interested in AI should know? How my business will […]