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AR Mapping — Remaking Retail to Create an Immersive User Experience

Cool 3D technologies are rebuilding the world of possibilities for many retailers.

Augmented Reality, or AR, is one of the most successful 3D techs that retailers are using these days.

Every leading brand uses its innovation and insights to deliver experiences that sell. And the best way of putting them to work is through projected AR, which is also known as projection mapping.

Augmented Reality - Untitled Project

Through 3d Projection Mapping, many retail brands breathe new life into their products. This AR–backed mapping technology lets brands tell compelling stories. This tech lets brands transform their products into lifelike real-time canvasses.

But how AR mapping is making ordinary retailers extraordinary retail brands?

Here’s the answer: AR is a collection of high-impact animations and motion graphics. And all this lets brands do a lot of exciting things.

That means a retailer can successfully use this new tech for many things. Like, AR mapping lets retailers position their brands. It lets them explore different product characteristics. And it even lets them drive campaign stories.

For example, with the help of AR, a brand can preview how different clothes would go together. Or, through this tech, it can tell consumers how a bespoke product would look once it’s made.

So, the possibilities are almost unlimited when retail meets projected AR.

And in the middle of all this stands Lightform.

How Lightform is a game changer for AR?

In simple words, Lightform is pushing the boundaries of AR. It’s a small box that packs a powerful processor and a hi-res camera. In short, this tool quickly transforms nearly anything in a room to a widescreen.

Think of Lightform as a computer that can be plugged inside a projector using an HDMI cable. Once everything is set, the projector will cast a range of grids on the projected surface. Then, Lightform’s onboard camera will kick into action. It’ll analyse the location and the dimension of all the objects present in the space.

All in all, Lightform is a powerful design tool. Why? Because it lets retail brands create epic visuals for projected AR.

But how can a brand use Lightform to create a user experience that boosts engagement?

Using Lightform to create immersive retail experiences

Projection Mapping - Untitled Project

Doing the most engaging Projection Mapping in Retail is easier said than done.

Basically, retailers need a right technology partner. This way, they’ll create interactive theatrical experiences for product enhancement. And that’s how retail brand can deliver memorable impressions. Something that’s hard to create through traditional media.

Long story short, the retailers need a technology partner. They need someone to unlock the power of Lightfrom from their brands.

Enter Untitled Project

Untitled Project has spearheaded many projection mapping experiences built through Lightform in Singapore. That’s how it has let retailers deliver high-res AR projections. And these projections are then used to create immersive interactions.

Now, are you a retailer who wants your brand to receive more media and high user engagement? Then let Untitled Project be your partner in growth.