3d projection mapping in the uk

3D Projection Mapping in the UK is Getting Transformed with This Agency

“There’s one agency that’s revolutionising the landscape of 3D Projection Mapping in the UK. Here, we’ll give an overview of how 3D projection mapping is the heart and soul of any event. And, here, we’ll even tell you which company is the best in business for creating 3D projection-mapped content in the UK.”

Are you organising an event in the UK? If you nod in the affirmative, then you need to breathe a new lease of life in your event. That’s precisely where 3D projection mapping comes into action.

Give your event the immersive edge of 3D projection mapping

Undoubtedly, projection mapping has risen as one of the most desired services for anyone who’s organising an event. For those of you who don’t know what this immersive technology brings, here’s the low-down. Video or projection mapping is basically a spatial augmented reality that’s created by a very talented team of projection tech experts.

With their expertise, these artists-cum-techies transform any mundane object or backdrop into highly innovative projection surfaces. The experience of projection mapping is generally enjoyed as a complete performance. Once these experiences are well choreographed, they’ll definitely become an audio-visual feast for the beholder.

But the real deal comes in finding the answer to this question: Which is the greatest company offering 3D projection mapping in UK?

Well, Untitled Project is the answer.

Untitled Project—it’s where your ideas get a new life

Whenever you’re looking to add a string of breathtaking spectacles to your event, you’re looking for Untitled Project’s 3D projection mapping. The agency has the right techies and 3D graphics artists who can transform any skyscraper into a lifelike dinosaur.

The bottom line is that whatever is your canvas, this agency has the expertise and experience to transform that into an immersive, engaging illusion. The team, which is working with Untitled Project, knows the art and science of altering spaces via visuals, animations, and light.

What else? The company even has what it takes for sequencing the events in Resolume, Watchout, and D3 media servers. What’s more? The company can even create highly interactive installations using Unity, Touch designer, and Unreal.

As a testimony to providing best-in-class 3D projection mapping, Untitled Project has successfully rolled out customised installations for Samsung and Airbnb and has delivered regional creations for Heineken. What else? This agency has executed immersive mapping adventures for a range of VJ events.

Besides offering top-class 3D projection mapping for full-fledged enterprises, this agency has even worked with a range of visual artists such as Brandon Tay. Also, this is the agency that’s got international exposure in executing projection mapping for events for big multinationals such as Diageo.

Bring your most immersive ideas to the real world

So, if you have an idea about custom project-mapped content for your brand, then get in touch with the team of artists and technicians at Untilled Project. Together with you, this team will work in putting your idea from your brain to paper and then to the real world. What’s more? You can even see this agency’s showreel that’ll highlight its most exciting and engaging projection mapping projects.