What We Do

What do Untitled Do?

Our services in a nutshell

Simply put, brands and agencies come to us with problems, and we find creative, technologically awesome solutions to get them back on track. we make cool stuff.

360 Branded Content

Virtual Reality Production

We have been active in virtual reality since its resurgence in 2012.
Prototyping our own virtual reality players and then developing branded content to play within it via early development kits.

We then used this technology to deliver the very first 360 activations across Asia.
Helping brands create a buzz around a product or TV show that is looking to position itself as new and exciting.

More often than not, by the time a brand or agency hear of a new technology,
Untitled Project will already be veterans, innovation runs deep in our blood.
It's what we do, it's all we do...

Projection Mapping

Animated Content

We have over 20 years collective projection mapping and content creation experience. Having mapped the smallest intimate space to largest canvasses of entire buildings we always transport the viewer on a journey that will leave them speechless.

Whether for a brand, an artist or a music festival, we always relish the opportunity to explore a new structure or space.

Retail Design

Store Design and Travel Retail toolkits

We design and build in store activations, display units and full scale store design tool-kits for global roll outs.


Mapping content for Events and Festivals.

We also work with events companies and musicians the world over who have existing stage design and we create content to fit.

App Development

iOS and Android App Development

We develop software for brands. From simple VR players to simplify the execution for your brand ambassadors to full scale enterprise solutions for global brands such as Diageo's Johnnie Walker - Label Studio.

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